How Genome Detective assigns SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19 disease)

Premium features

Genome Detective Premium Edition

Genome Detective Virus Tool is available for free for non-routine academic use and evaluation purposes. In addition, we offer a premium version with capabilities suited for routine use. The assembly, identification and identification are identical in both versions.

You are welcome to try out the free version here (no login required). Data is treated confidential and will be discarded a few days after your analysis has finished.

With the premium edition, we address the needs of labs and high volume users by offering increased computation capacity and storage capacity. You can upload jobs in batch, your jobs will run on dedicated computing capacity, and your job results will remain available as long as they fit in your storage plan. We also offer the premium version as an on-site installed software package (contact us).

The cost of computation and storage is expressed in Genome Detective credits. These credits can be purchased in packs, are stored on your account, and are consumed by running analyses and using storage for job results. Credits are valid for a period of 24 months, and oldest credits are consumed first.

A metagenome analysis costs 20 credits. The use of subtyping tools is free of charge.

Job storage includes the original input files, and result files and selected intermediate files (such as quality-corrected read files). The storage cost is 1 credit per 20GB per month. Storage plans are available in 20GB increments.

Register for a premium account now and we offer you 100 credits for free. You can order extra credits online in the 'Order' tab when logged in. Please contact us to obtain our price list for routine use.

Free version Premium account On-premise installation
Identify, assemble and classify all known viruses
Access to virus subtyping tools
Detailed reports
Revisit, download and share reports
Always up to date
Batch uploads
User dashboard showing all your jobs
Commercial use allowed
Customizable reports
Data remain on-premise
Possbility to integrate with LIMS
Exact control over software version updates