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Influenza A Virus Typing Tool

This tool is designed to use Blast and phylogenetic methods to identify the best possible influenza A virus (IAV) subtype.

Every sequence submitted to the tool is analyzed individually.

The tool is capable of subtyping both the HA and NA segments of the virus, supporting subtypes ranging from HA1 to HA18* and NA1 to NA11*. However, sequences of other segments of IAV will not undergo phylogenetic analysis, and for these segments the analysis ends after the blast analysis.

*The subtypes HA17, HA18, and NA10, NA11 have limited public data; phylo analysis may be less accurate.

Note for batch analysis: The tool accepts up to 2000 sequences at a time.


Submit one or more FASTA sequences to be typed individually. If you have raw NGS reads (short reads or long reads), please use the Genome Detective Platform to assemble first. Subtyping tools will be linked in the results.
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