How Genome Detective assigns SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19 disease)


After choosing the kind of input file (sequences, contigs, or NGS short reads), up to 2000 FASTA-formatted sequences or contigs, and an unlimited amount of FASTQ NGS reads can be uploaded.

A set of example sequences is available.

Fig. 1. The startingpage of the Genome Detective Typing Tool

At the bottom of the page, both finished jobs and jobs in progress can be revisited, by typing the Job-Id. Here also runs by others can be viewed, if the Job-Id has been communicated.

After the 'Start' button is pushed, the analysis is started. A few seconds later the results overview is shown.

The Job-Id number, which can be used to retrieve the results, is displayed at the top of the page as soon as the job is started.
After the complete analysis is finished, the analysis results can be downloaded as XML, CSV of Excel file.
For each sequence more details can be viewed in the individual reports by clicking 'Report' in the results table.

Example output is available for a Metagenomic dataset (SRR3458562) and a Norovirus amplicon dataset (ERR138007).