Our mission

It is our mission to provide the best tools to extract meaningful information from microbial genome sequence data. We wish to empower the researcher (biologist, virologist, ...) with the research question, the health-care provider (medical lab) with the lab application or the public health servant (disease prevention and control) with epidemiological questions, without them requiring detailed knowledge of the underlying mathematical, computational and storage complexities.

We believe that the standard software and analysis services available from are generally useful in this context, but specific applications will require customized and particular analyses. This may relate to local deployments, specific bio-informatics processing, database integration with extended annotations and linkouts, wishes for specific batch processing possibilities, or custom reporting. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

If you are looking or a bioinformatics partner within a research project to build a custom pipeline or facilitate a new application, we believe we have the academic and dissemination track-record to be that partner.

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